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Great authors who haven’t yet found their audience, and readers on the lookout for their next favorite author.

why we exist

To join hands and micro-audiences so that, together, we create a broader platform from which to speak.

how we grow

Through anthologies and a monthly newsletter, we grow our platform — one author, one reader, one micro-audience at a time.

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Three authors, one dream

Being unknown brought them together, and disappointment deepened their friendship. Jodi, Leslee and Rachael met during a writing cohort with optimistic hopes of one day becoming published, best-selling authors. When the emails started rolling in — silent rejections, verbal “no’s” and “we love your project, but your platform isn’t big enough” — they banded together to try to create what they wanted to be a part of. The Unknown Authors Club. A place for authors who write but struggle to gain traction, bloggers who tell stories but have no audience, and readers who love the thrill of discovering their next favorite author. This club is for all of us!

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